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"Packs compiled by students, reviewed and approved by parents - we make uni

a home away from home”


Our student packs are filled with the same items available in super markets and catalogue stores but cost less!


Parents get peace of mind knowing that their children are:

  • Safe
  • Happy
  • Living Comfortably

Landlords can provide their tennants with a fully furnished and fitted out place to stay!


Student Accommodation Halls can provide furnishing options to their new residents


We deliver to your doorstep
on the day you want!!**


Don't Waste your Time

Don't Waste your Money

Don't Waste your Summer!

Take the stress out of starting university!



We have four different types of student packs. The main difference among the categories is of the bedroom set and the Bathroom set where the thread count of the bedding and the weight of towels increase with the change in category. 


Remember! We also provide customised solutions where you can choose exactly what you want in your pack! Check out the "Make your Own" page.


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**Orders generally take 5 days to process we can keep it on hold for a later date if notified

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